BPEC Solar Thermal Domestic Hot Water Systems

BPEC Solar Thermal Systems NOS Mapped, has been mapped against the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) and is a requirement of the minimum technical competency (MTC) document for solar installers and the certificate is recognised by all bodies offering routes to the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) as evidence for suitable Training. At the end of this course, candidates will be able to select the most appropriate solar systems for a specific building and become a competent person to install and maintain any of the common systems in the UK.

  • This course will take place in one of the College campuses. There will be social distancing measures in place please contact us for more information.

Entry Requirements

Candidates should have a minimum VQ Level 2/3 qualification in plumbing or conventional heating engineering or provide demonstrable evidence of at least 3 years relevant experience.

Candidates should also hold a Domestic Vented and Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems qualification, as well as a Water Regulations/ Waterbylaws qualification

Course Timetable

1 day per week over 3 weeks

3 Days – 6 November, 13 November AND 20 November


Assessment consists of a combination of practical and theory examinations

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