Forest Kindergarten Training

SCQF Level 7

This course has been put together to specifically meet the needs of early years practitioners who would like to set up a regular routine of off-site visits to a local wood or nearby greenspace for children in their setting.
It is becoming increasingly recognised that there are many benefits to allowing
children to play freely in local woodlands on a frequent and regular basis. This includes increased physical activity, greater knowledge about nature and in the long term, a stronger likelihood that these children grow up to become adults who understand and demonstrate positive attitudes and actions towards caring for the

  • A mixture of indoor and outdoor classroom attendance with online tutorials and learning materials.

Course Timetable

This course will run over 12 weeks and combine classroom delivery and placement elements.



Open portfolio and observation of practice


This course recognises the value of woodlands as an integral part of the learning process for pre-school children. It has been carefully designed to equip practitioners with the knowledge, understanding and skills to enable children in their setting to play in local woods and other green spaces.
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SCQF Level 7